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If you are looking for an alternative option to the GED, consider KokoPelli High School's online high school program. This course is self-paced which enables many students who have an active lifestyle to still be able to complete the program. Our online high school program is similair to the actual GED test but is a shorter version and not timed. Most students are able to complete the course and receive their high school diploma kit in less than a week. This online program was designed for students who need to get their high school diploma quickly in order to apply for a job or promotion.
Each student who passes the online program with satisfactory grades will have the ability to order their high school diploma kit. The main item in this kit is their high school diploma and trascripts that show what the graduate scored in e ach section of the test. Both of these verification certificates are printed very high quality paper, the same that is used in a typical high school. A graduate will also receive a tassle and KokoPelli High School's Permanent graduate verification services. These services are free and can be used for the life of the graduate. Graduate verification services enable our counselors to verify to an employer, potential employer, organization or institution that the graduate has passed our program and the items they've presented are authentic.
If you have decided to either get your GED or high school diploma, KokoPelli High School Academy offers the resources to achieve both. Whether you're looking to quickly earn you high school diploma or you've decided to take the GED test, our online high school encourages you to further your education as it is the most important credential one needs to be successful in continuing education or employment. KokoPelli High School Academy, through GED Online Test, offers students the opportunity to get their high school diploma in a short duration of time and entirely online. If you are ready to earn your high school diploma online:
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Get GED Online Test kitsOur free high school diploma online test follows the same attention to subjects as the official GED test. While the GED is timed and cannot be taken online, our online high school diploma program can be taken at the pace you desire and entirely on your computer. Our online high school classes incorporate a test course that meets all the needs of students, whether they are busy or have time to quickly complete the exam. Many individuals who initially consider the GED online realize that earning their high school diploma online through our free testing curriculum is a better option based on their requirements and schedule. Get started today on your way to earning your high school diploma!
High School Diploma In Less Than A WeekPracticality is the second draw of our GED online testing kits. If you've been looking for free GED test information or were considering getting GED test preparation material, you may have become discouraged with the large selection of books, online courses, prep programs and other items and services being offered online. Although there are many GED test materials and courses to consider online, they usually come at either a price or require an individual to give personal information that can be used for spamming purposes or even worse. Our online GED test kits take away the burden of buying one item at a time and give students the highest quality set of GED prep materials in one package.
Whether you're interested in free online GED prep exams or in a real high school diploma online test, Kokopelli High School applies the best learning resources for students who are serious about improving their higher education. The High school diploma program offered is crafted to be completed quickly and entirely from a computer. It encompasses the core features that the actual GED has without the requirement of attending GED classes or local testing that the General Educational Development requires. Get your GED online practice through our free high school diploma course that shares the same subjects tested on in the official GED. GED testing doesn't have to be difficult when you study with our program and order your GED study kit. Our kit should be supplemented with practice tests that can be taken with a pencil, paper and timed. The recommended supplier of these GED practice tests is Steck-Vaughn. Once you've finished book studying and taking the GED practice test, you may consider enrolling in a GED online preparation class. The actual GED employs an elevated level of difficulty and each individual, no matter their education history, is advised to prepare in each of the sujects tested. You will be required to learn and ready yourself for the GED Math test, English test, Social Studies and Reading/Writing. Each of these subjects will be individually timed. If you require specific prep learning in a core subject, we advise to researh on your computer for online GED help in that particular category of need. There are many free GED classes, programs and courses that target a particular subject to help get you in a position to test well on the GED. While the GED is a great alternative to a high school diploma, one should know that most employers will honor a diploma on the same grounds as a GED. An online high school diploma course can be more practical than the requirements that the GED has. If you are interested in earning your high school diploma online through our free program, Get Started For Free